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Sewer repair services for Denver, CO. Western Maintenance & Construction.If you’re looking to repair, replace or install your residential or commercial sewer pipe, Western Maintenance & Construction can do it as soon as today. We offer sewer repair and line replacement services with highly trained experienced tradesmen that will complete the task quickly and affordably.

We use specialized locating equipment and video camera inspection technology that enable us to locate the exact area that is broken or needs to be repaired. We pride ourselves on being Denver’s most trusted sewer repair experts.



A well functioning sewer pipe system is essential to protect public health and the environment. Raw sewage that is not promptly and properly cleaned up in a building can lead to the growth of other disease-causing microorganisms, such as tetanus, or toxic fungi and molds. United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created a national enforcement initiative to address the significant risks these discharges pose to human health and to the environment.

According to United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) many towns and cities in the United States have aging sewer systems that are deteriorating, in desperate need of repair or simply lack adequate capacity to treat the volume of sewage received. As sewer lines reach the end of their useful lives, they tend to deteriorate and corrode. Corrosion a another frequent problem with sewer lines. Pipes corrodes for many reasons, including type and quality of the material, aged piping, and the corrosive effect of hydrogen sulfide gas, a by-product of the decomposition of human and other waste matter.

Western Maintenance & Construction uses some of the most advanced repair methods, like trenchless sewer line repair, that won’t cause damages to the yards, driveways, parking lots or any of your facilities. Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Methods provides efficient sewer pipe maintenance with less environmental impact.

Pipe patching from Western Maintenance & Construction.

We are also the exclusive installer in Colorado of the brand new Pipe Patching system from S1 Environmental.

Save thousands of dollars digging by using this permanent pipe patching system for your damaged and leaking pipe. More details here.

Our technicians can also repair sewer pipe leaking joints. This is especially important to avoid sewage water to escape into the area and surrounding pipes.

To prevent sewer line problems, maintenance is a key. It is essential that you conduct periodic maintenance inspection to avoid major issues in the future that could cost you a great deal of money. We also recommend that you know your sewer pipe system. Learn where it is located, how old it is and any known tree root problems occurred in the past.

We are Colorado’s sewer pipe and waterline specialists. We offer free estimates for the best Commercial sewer line service and best prices in Colorado, call us today! 303.744.9000

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Property Maintenance And Construction Experts

Property Maintenance And Construction Experts

We are a team at Western Maintenance & Construction.  We employee hundreds of people and depend on every one of them to deliver the quality products and service that we promise our customers.  We know that being recognized as one of the very best property maintenance companies in Denver, CO we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

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