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Gutter Topper gutter covers. Serving Denver, CO and surrounding areas.

Sure, others describe themselves as gutter toppers. But you want the one, the only, the “Original” Gutter Topper. Gutter covers that have been independently tested and certified to keep your gutters free flowing and free of debris. Proudly serving Denver, CO and surrounding areas.

Gutter Topper gutter guards are uniquely designed with eleven critical bends of strength to handle anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Whether it’s 110 mph winds, enough rain to float Noah‘s Ark or 1,200 pounds of weight per square foot, Gutter Topper will pass the test with flying colors!

When you want a gutter protection product you can depend on; a gutter guard that will work as advertised; a gutter cover system that protects your home and keeps your gutters debris free, you want “the original” Gutter Topper – Beautiful – Safe – Strong.

Hot Topper gutter covers. Serving Denver, CO and surrounding areas.

How many times have you asked yourself, “I wish there was a way to eliminate those icicles, perilously hanging from my gutters.”  Well look no more.  You’ve found the answer.  Hott Topper is specifically designed to work in conjunction with Gutter Topper to eliminate the snow and ice buildup on top of your gutter protection.

As the weather fluctuates, the icicles can begin to thaw and the water that drips onto sidewalks and driveways below can re-freeze and create a dangerous, slippery icy patch.  Hott Topper will melt the ice and snow on top of your Gutter Topper, allowing the water to enter your gutter and thereby help to protect you from these liabilities.  And with the heating element inside your gutter and downspout, the possibility of ice building up in the gutter and causing damage to your home, is virtually eliminated.

Isn’t it time you enjoyed the winter season without worrying about the snow and ice buildup?  Hott Topper is the cost effective solution to the problems winter can cause.

Needle Guard gutter covers. Serving Denver, CO and surrounding areas.

Pine needles have always been a problem for gutter protection products – until now!  Their small size would slip through the cracks and prevent the gutter protection system from working properly.

The Needle Guard was specifically designed to combat the problems caused by pine needles.  Micro-perforations allow the rainwater to enter the gutter, while at the same time, keeping the pine needles from clogging up the system.

Homeowners have been looking for a cost effective, hassle-free way to eliminate the clogs that pine needles can cause in their gutter systems.  But at the same time, they wanted a product that would stand up to everything Mother Nature could throw at it.  The Needle Guard can handle 17” of rainfall per hour.  That’s 34 feet of rain in one day!  And because of the heavy gauge aluminum from which the product is manufactured, you can be sure it will stand up to heavy snow and ice.

The Needle Guard installs over your existing gutters and actually strengthens your gutter system.  It looks great with any type of roof and fits 5” and 6” gutters.

Sometimes the smallest things can cause the biggest headaches.  The Needle Guard is the perfect solution to pine needle problems.

Leaf Terminator gutter covers. Serving Denver, CO and surrounding areas.

Have you ever noticed there are no quality gutter protection systems for commercial buildings?  Well there is – The Leaf Terminator.  This gutter guard was designed to work with commercial buildings as well as residential homes.

The Leaf Terminator gutter guard’s patented design features our exclusive perforation pattern with water flow ridges and valleys to stop leaves and debris from clogging your home’s gutters as well as keeping bottles, cans, and other such debris from plugging up your commercial building’s gutters..

The Leaf Terminator gutter guard passed rigorous, independent testing by PRI Construction Material Technologies of Tampa, Florida, an independent testing firm.  It was certified to withstand 110 mph winds with no lift or movement (a category-2 hurricane), 1200 pounds of weight per square foot maintaining 100% of its original design and accepts 22 inches of rainfall per hour, which equals 44 feet of rain in one day.  With this solid testing, you can be sure The Leaf Terminator gutter guard will perform as promised in the harshest weather conditions – and that keeps you safe and off your roof.

The Leaf Terminator comes in three sizes, which makes it the perfect gutter protection system for commercial buildings as well.  With commercial gutter guards installed, it lowers the cost of operation, reduces risk management and improves sustainability.

All this protection is enhanced by the value that The Leaf Terminator adds to your home.  The gutter cover’s low profile enhances the curb appeal of your home.  There are no unsightly mounting brackets or hangers and it actually strengthens your gutter system.

The Solution gutter covers. Serving Denver, CO and surrounding areas.

The Solution® is an effective solution to gutter problems at an affordable price.  Besides protecting you from the dirty and dangerous job of climbing a ladder to clean out your gutters at least twice a year, year after year, The Solution™ protects your property by eliminating clogged gutters.  And all this protection is enhanced by the value that The Solution adds to your home.  The Solution has been independently tested and certified to handle almost any amount of rain that Mother Nature can throw at it and since it installs over your existing gutters, it actually strengthens your gutter system.  It’s low profile design makes it virtually invisible from the ground, enhancing your home’s curb appeal, all while protecting your home from the potential damage that overflowing gutters can cause.  Birds and pests can’t make their home in your gutters and with no gutter overflow, it helps to protect against harmful mold, mildew and rot.

The Solution™ comes is 6 standard colors: white, light gray, light bronze, royal brown, black and charcoal.  You pick the color that most closely matches your roof instead of having to settle with one color – silver aluminum.  And The Solution™ is installed without any unsightly brackets or hangers.  The Versatile Solution™, a variation of The Solution™ also comes in the same 6 standard colors and has the same performance results as the original.  And don’t be misled by other company’s scare tactics that you could void your shingle warranty with gutter protection.   Two of the nation’s largest shingle manufacturers say that’s just not true.  Ask yourself this question – when the wind picks up, which gutter protection would I rather have on my home?  One that just sits on your gutter or snaps into place, or one that is securely fastened to the gutter system?

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